Custom Market Research

What is Custom Market Research?

Custom Market Research is a tailored form of market research build for particular client to provide niche information to answer customer specific questions. It is research conducted to gain insight of product formulations and improvisation. When syndicated research is unable to answer market specific questions , Custom Research helps companies for market information.

If Company wants information about specific product, region , date or company than whole market then it’s a Custom Research. Consider company name ABC is a shoes manufacturer based in UK and it wants information about only Nike and Adidas for UK region only then Market Research Company has to provide Custom Research to company ABC.

Important of Custom Market Research

• Tailored methodology to gain more targeted information.
• Custom Research is proprietary to client hence no other business can use it without explicit permission.
• In depth market insight helps to under market at its core.
• Custom research can be expensive than Syndicated research but as Custom research is collaborative research firm can provide best market information within budget.


Our Custom Research Model



Custom Market Research