Product & Sevice Planning
Product & Service Planning

Knowing Product & Service ideas has unique importance in understanding of needs & desires of consumers. Those ideas can be extracted from generation and formation of better business planning.


Product Concept

  • A product or service with good concept can serve its consumer in every way.
  • Business should based its concept on quality, performance and ease of use are likely to succeed.

Product Introduction

  • Product introduced inside the market with in-depth market research finds audiences more easily
  • Proper planning of product introduction with limited & specific demography as well as later expansion of marketing and advertisement.

Product Lifecycle

  • Introduction is the first stage of product lifecycle that follows growth, maturity & decline.
  • Business with through knowledge of these stages expand their market share with ease and in short span of time.

Outcome Analysis

  • Product or Service planning is not all about pre-sale or pre-marketing analysis but also about result of sale or marketing.
  • Outcome Analysis helps business to test few more grounds to scale up the sale.