Market Sizing

Knowing approximate number of potential customers for service or product is of vital importance , our Market Sizing
Model delivers exactly that & much more...


  • Sub Segmentation: If business want to achieve most of its marketing budget then segmentation of customers based on characteristics such as, age, income, personality traits or behavior is very important.
  • Top Down Approach: Top down analysis helps business determine total market, then estimation of your business share inside the market.
  • Competitive Edge : Identifying the features of your business with maximize your operation efficiency and increase your product or service appeal to attain high ROI.
how does spend analysis work
  • Bottom-Up Analysis: Bottom up approach helps organization to analyse where product can be sold along with sales of comparable products and slice of current market share.
  • Demand & Supply Analysis: Shift in equilibrium between demand and supply shifts the market to another level very quickly as supply and price of product are very closely related.
  • Static Market Analysis: Strategy is basic foundation of every business from Conglomerate to Grocery Store. Hence Profshare help your business to understand competitors and prevent from eroding your own market.

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