Global Nutritional Drinks Market is expected to reach USD 9721.98 million by 2028 & show CAGR of 5.6 % between 2021 and 2028


Nutrition drinks are formulated beverages that provide vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, anti-oxidants and other vital nutrients to the body.  Nutrition drinks are available in number of forms and varieties (gluten-free, suitable for those with lactose intolerance, Kosher, and Halal) designed with complete nutrition in mind, and can be used to supplement diets. Growing health conscious people, rising awareness regarding the benefits of nutritional drinks, urbanization, rising disposable income is driving the growth of global nutritional drinks market.  

In addition to this adoption of nutrition drinks by sports players, athletes, people who work out in gyms and consumers to gain healthy balanced nutrition is boosting the growth of market. However, contradictions over actual health benefits, availability of substitutes and low penetration rate in developing countries may restrict the growth of market. Emerging new entrants with specialized formulations, existing players launching new products in nutrition segments will offer several lucrative opportunities in forecast period.  

Product types & Competitive analysis

Based on Product types, the nutritional drink market is segmented into protein drinks, dietary fibre drinks, vitamin drinks and sugar free drinks. Protein drinks segment dominated the global nutrition drinks market accounting largest share in 2019 and is expected to show significant growth in forecast period. Protein drinks have less sugars and calories than typical drinks and shakes and higher protein. These are very popular among sports persons and athletes and largely preferred by consumers. Also their demand is increasing among the fitness enthusiasts, millennials and health conscious people who want to increase nutrition value in their diet. Several beverage manufacturers are launching new nutrition drinks into the market tapping the demand for protein drinks. For instance in September 2020 German beverage manufacturer Black Labels Company (BLC) launched MALUMA, a first of its kind collagen protein drink. The drink contains nutrients that support and improves skin, immune system and metabolism.  

Competitive analysis included in research study helps user to understand key players market positioning and marketing strategies. Nutritional drink market is characterized by a high degree of competition between several global market players and domestic players. Innovators and technology leaders, such as Danone, Nestle, Coca-Cola, have been leveraging their capabilities to undertake extensive R&D and expand their reach by introducing innovative product in nutrition segment to stamp out competition. For instance Aug 23, 2019 Nestle's global malt-based drink Milo in India is being relaunched as an energy drink for sports which is believed to be step to for gaining competitive advantage over Indian market.  

Number of new entrant in the market has increased in last few years and is expected to grow in Asia Pacific. Many small to medium sized players are launching new product lines with new formulations and flavors attractive packaging, and organic ingredients to attract consumer base. For instance in May 2020 RSP Nutrition a leading company in US has launched new drink Immunity & Hydration Shot which enhances immune health and support in hydration that can be taken throughout the day. Several companies are offering online distribution of their products. A number of companies are running advertising campaigns over social media, television to create brand value across regions.  

Application & Regional analysis

On the basis of applications global nutritional drink market is categorized into sports, physical examination center and health & fitness. Sports segment accounted for the largest revenue share in 2019 and is anticipated to sustain its dominance over the forecast period. In recent years nutritional drinks consumption has increased and have become very common in life of sports players and athletes. Sports drinks are extensively used by players during live matches, training and practice sessions to improve performance by replacing the nutrients that are lost in the muscles. The rate of sports drinks consumption among teenagers has increased at significant rate due to influence of watching sports, TV commercials, advertisements and endorsements of the nutrition drinks by sports celebrities and social media influencers. Health & fitness segment was the fastest growing application and is anticipated to witness strong growth in forecast period owing to adoption of health lifestyles, rising standard of living and high-income earners.  

Regional outlook of research study is based on analysis of Market in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, and Africa & Rest of the World. Nutritional drinks market is led by Asia Pacific. The growth in the region is primarily driven by rising health conscious people, significant shift toward consumption of functional food to maintain a healthy diet and increasing awareness regarding benefits of nutritional drinks. Beverage consumption has gained increasing market share in the region over the last decade. The rapid growth was accounted by countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, India and other South East Asian countries.  

North America was the fastest growing market and is expected to grow at significant rate in forecast period. U.S. was the leading market and accounted major revenue share in 2019. The region is witnessing strong growth due to factors such as changing preferences of consumers, increasing weight struggles among adults in the US, demand for quick nutrition solutions and rising consumer interest in endurance products. In addition to this strong demand for nutritional drinks from Bodybuilders, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts are some key factors augmenting the growth of region.  

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