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Syndicated Research

We belive Precise market information is what diffrentiate sucessful business from crowd. Right market decision can only be made on accurate, in-depth and wider market information available. Hence our Syndicated Market Research service delivers an exploratory and cost effective information with 360 degree view market in order to achieve high level of quality information of market.


Custom Research

Complex research problems that can not be solved with syndicated research can be solved with custom research. A well tailored market research not only delivered one stop market information solution but also helps you to better understand the market from growth point of view. Exlpore the new dimession of valuble market insight with time-citical business information.


Competitive Intelligence

Right Definition of your Competitors is of paramount importance in todays throght cutting competitive business enviorment. Knowing Strengths & Weaknesses of your Competitors helps you understand exact requirment of market. Hence our Company Analysis model will deliver in-depth anlysis of your Competitors along with study of market Impediments.


Market Sizing

Exact defination of your market segment and subsegment will enable you to understand product or service consumer in startegic way. We have devloped Market Sizing analysis that studies market with Sub Segmentation, Competitive Edge, Top Down and bottom up Approach, Demand & Supply Analysis along with Static Market Analysis.


Market Potential & Forecasting

Increase in Competition, gradual decrease in demand or need and obsolescence are the major factors that leads to saturation of the market. Profshare monitors and analyse 25 industry verticle very closely to provide criticle information about maximum sales volume before market saturation & prediction of future market demand of service or product.


Data Visualization

Data visulization unlocks the potential to deliver completly new and accurate meaning to your market analysis data. Our data visulization reveals some market ascpect and trend which otherwise would go undetected. Our Visualization of data makes it much easier to understand the market, better market insight and consolidation of your market decision.




Latest Insight

Aluminium Alloy Market 2019-27

 Aluminium Alloy Market
Aluminium Alloy Market 2019-27

Heat Sensitivity Type

  • Heat Treatable Alloys
  • Non Heat-Treatable Alloys


  • Electrical
  • Food Packaging
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Automtive
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Gas Detection Device Market 2019-27

Gas Detection Device Market
Gas Detection Device Market 2019-27

Product Type

  • Detector
  • Transmitter
  • Controller


  • Mining
  • Steel Mill & Petro Chemical
  • Construction
  • Automobile & Material
  • Food & Beverage Making
  • Electronics
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